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Strategies For Self-Improvement: Develop Those Positive Motivations For Success

The path to financial and personal success starts from the base of a mountain, metaphorically speaking. During the practice scene of Rocky IV, Sylvester Stallone’s character, Rocky Balboa, veered off the beaten path and started the long journey up a steep mountain; his primary purpose is to strengthen is the body and prepare his mind to conquer his opponent, Drago. He knew that when he left it to the peak’s peak, he can beat his opponent. That was Rocky’s motivation that propelled him to greatness as he accomplished the unthinkable. Nobody believed that Rocky could conquer his opponent because of his size and body power, but as he fought on, he won the boxing game and gained the esteem of Drago and the Russian people. So that you can gain the motives for success, I will show you the methods of self-improvement.

Many of us have dreams of becoming rich or famous, owning large homes with a great deal of property, taking long vacations to escape the rat race; for me, my dream is to get my family out of debt, get the family farm up and running profit, and have enough cash to pay for flight school and get my bachelors in aviation science. That is ambition and my motivation, to be sure that my wife and children are well-taken care of; how about you? What are some of your dreams and ambitions?

If you are having trouble figuring out what foresee or you would like to become yourself in the future, let me discuss some tips that will help you begin:

1. Get out a piece of paper or Microsoft Windows. When it’s your dream to become a Doctor, then write your goals on what you need to do to fulfill your dreams. There’ll be naysayers that will come up and try to discourage you, don’t listen to them, protect your fantasy. I want you to put for a moment and ponder the conduct that Rocky made up the mountainside; did when he met with a wall of rock he gave up? Did wintery weather hinder his progress as he envisioned his goal? No.

2. Write down goals that are simple and easy to perform. Did Balboa make an effort to run up the mountain first? No, he did not, he had to prepare himself by doing the simple exercises to construct his muscles running, pushups, and movements that exercise machines that are simulated. A mathematics professor at Idaho State University once told the class that when we wanted to become mathematicians, we needed to get a good foundation of the basic math principles if we are to succeed in the mathematics program at ISU, if we did not, we would fail. When writing your objectives, make them simple, then work your way up until you achieve success.

3. The last process to get success would be to have some picture or thing that help and will motivate you to remember why you have started working on your fantasy. It is a picture of my wife and children because they deserve the best things that will bring happiness and comfort. Here are some other ideas that you can use for your motivation:


These are some examples that you can use for images that will motivate you to fulfill your dream.

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